About Cerminaro Vineyard

        Joseph Cerminaro grew up in an Italian-American household in Northern Pennsylvania where wine was regularly served with meals. He recollects helping his Uncle Tony pick blackberries, which were later turned into wine. Since he was a young boy, Joe dreamed about having his own vineyard. In 1996, Joe began realizing his long-time ambition by planting his first 200 grape vines on the hill in front of his home in Kings Creek, North Carolina.

       Over the next few years, Joe and his wife, Deborah, planted more new grape vines while at the same time cultivating the already maturing plants. Thus, Cerminaro Vineyard was born. Each fall, Joe and Deborah Cerminaro, with the aid of friends and family, harvest several tons of grapes. These grapes are then taken into the winery at Cerminaro Vineyard where they are destemmed, crushed, treated, and eventually turned into wine.